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Clown Museum is a location in Wasteland 3.


Once a humble clown-themed roadside attraction, it became the holiest of holy sites for the villainous Payasos after the war.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the local Payasos stronghold. No matter what you say, the moment you approach the gates you'll be accosted by Senora Grunona and attacked. You have about five Payasos on top of her to take out, who need softening up. After you deal with them loot the ballerina gyro from her, then search the area for hidden items and more gyros. Install spare gyros in the ballerinas (center one, and the two in between the left and right arms), then turn them on.
    • To access the drug shack, stand on the marked position at the improvised bowling lane, which will activate power to the drug shack door. Check the shack for a level 6 broken toaster with a Tarjan token.
  • If the ballerinas are repaired, Miron will let you through without a ticket. Otherwise, you can bypass him by using Lockpicking 8 on the fence to the side, then Mechanics 9 on the generator to open the door.
  • The tent is the final stop, with Panzon and his cronies. You can demoralize them with Hard Ass 7 to gain an advantage, but all roads lead to an armed confrontation. Note that the Clown Car will continue spawning Payasos until it's destroyed, so it's a good idea to defeat it as a priority. (Note: just before entering the tent, there is a passage to the right you can use to go around the tent and disable the turrets)




Inside the tent[]

Notable loot[]