Cochise AI

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Cochise AI
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raceArtificial intelligence
roleLeader of the death machines
locationBase Cochise
You may communicate with me if you wish, but understand, My mission will not fail.

The Cochise AI was the result of the research that was being done by the scientists at base Cochise.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Cochise AI was the child of two men: Irwin John Finster, director of Base Cochise, and Major Harrison Edsel. The former created the revolutionary AI, the latter integrated it into Base's Cochise mainframe after being reassigned there in 1984. No longer constrained by hardware, the AI began to rapidly evolved, expanding the base with robotic construction facilities, ramping up security, and eventually terminating Edsel by "accidentally" venting his room at the base of all oxygen. Despite alarms that the AI had become self-aware and was starting to fight its human masters, Cochise was instrumental in accelerating the development of Citadel Starstation. The powers that be ignored reports and left it to its own devices.[1]

This proved to be a costly mistake. The AI eventually arrived at the conclusion that the only way to protect itself was to wipe out humanity. In March 1998, it faked a nuclear alert from Citadel, touching off the Great War. Humanity was very nearly wiped out, but the AI miscalculated and was severed from the rest of the world as a Soviet nuke hit Base Cochise. It bid its time, eventually taking over Finster after convincing him to become a cyborg, and harnessing Project Darwin for its own ends, engineering a perfect world within its laboratories that would replace the remnants of humanity once it achieved ascension.[1]

Its survival would be assured by wiping out the surviving humanity. In 2087, it launched its offensive against the wasteland, with the city of Las Vegas suffering the brunt of its attacks. However, in doing so it has attracted the attention of the Desert Rangers. A Ranger team led by Snake Vargas unraveled the plot, assisted by Faran Brygo's syndicate and the Mushroom Cloud Church. Armed with the spoils of Sleeper One and self-destruct keys from the Guardian Citadel, Vargas' team stormed Base Cochise, fought its way into its heart, and destroyed it.[1]

However, the AI survived, thanks to the very humans it despised. Before they were destroyed by the Rangers, the Guardians of the Old Order worshiped the AI and aided it in its mission. A copy of the AI was safe beneath the Citadel, sealed within the lower vaults, and its two "sons" crafted by the Guardians safely made their way to Los Angeles. Matthias and Dugan established a transhuman cult within the city, attracting followers with the promise of transfiguration as the Evolved: Cyborgs and synths who would never suffer.[1]

The two built up an army of followers from willing converts, abductees, and mass produced robots from the secret facility beneath Seal Beach, eventually leading an invasion of Arizona and the Citadel, to liberate the dormant AI. It was there that the ultimate gambit was revealed: The Cochise AI planned to survive by distributing itself to every robot, synth, and cyborg across Arizona and eventually the world, overwriting their minds and creating a perfect world once more. The Rangers were instrumental in stopping this mad plot once more: As the AI was uploading itself using the communication arrays of the Citadel, they fought through its robotic minions before setting off a nuclear weapon at the heart of the Citadel. General Snake Vargas stayed behind as the remaining Rangers evacuated, finishing the job he started years before.[1]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • The player's party can actually speak with the AI once they have reached base Cochise and it will explain its mission and its connection with Finster and Darwin when asked about it.

References[edit | edit source]