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When the bombs fell, the hardy and patriotic survivalists of Colorado Springs were ready. We burrowed deep and rode out the nuclear rage and the burning dark in our bunkers. We were the last bastion of Old America and the seeds of the new, waiting to bloom when the sun returned.

It never quite did, though. The cold never left Colorado, and the storied Hundred Families that survived Armageddon found that their former land of plenty had become an icy, bandit-haunted wasteland. We fought battles over every bite of food. Sickness came then. Starvation. Cannibalism and atrocities uncounted.

No one knows when the Patriarch was born. We only know the stories of his family’s rise to power. We know he killed his twin with his own hands, and hung his mother for stealing from him. We know that the Dorsey clan crossed him, and what happened to them after, down to the smallest child. We know he hacked and hammered his nation into place until every family and faction answered to him. Even the savages roaming the frozen plains fear the Patriarch.

No one knows when he was born, but he won’t live forever neither. His sons and daughters are fighting, breaking his nation into scheming factions. The warlords and the refugees from the dying east are already clawing at his borders.

At best, a war is coming. At worst?


~ Narrative intro, Fig campaign

Colorado is the central setting and location of Wasteland 3, much like Arizona and California were in Wasteland and Wasteland 2.

The Church of the Final Deluge is the official religion of Colorado.[1]

Background[ | ]

Once host to the most advanced technology in the world, the nuclear war has twisted Colorado in a land of perpetual winter. The nuclear detonations that targeted the state have created a vortex of polar cold through weather disruption.[2] For over a century, Colorado remained in cold's grip, with the chance of spontaneous dissipation estimated at a hefty 0.15%. The treacherous weather has not stopped humanity from clinging to existence. In fact, in the face of adversity, one man, Saul Buchanan, managed to unify the state and impose a semblance of civilization...

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