Flag of Colorado

The flag of Colorado

Colorado was a pre-war state of the United States of America.

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Colorado was a state of the United States of America that was bombed during the nuclear war. As a result of the nuclear bombing, the climate of the region changed to like that of a tundra. Due to the Hoover Dam being hit by a nuclear bomb, the Colorado river was heavily irradiated. The eastern plains were however warmer as compared to mountainious areas.

Some time after the war, Saul Buchanan, a member of one of the survivalist Hundred Families, acquired control of the state, transforming it into his personal nation. His children however rebelled as he grew older, leading to the Patriarch contacting the Desert Rangers for help and promising them Colorado itself as a base in return.

Colorado Springs is the capital of The Patriarch's empire, being the largest city in the American state before the war. The pre-war capital of Denver lies in ruins after a nuclear missile exploded in air above it. The region is also home to a number of nuclear warheads stored by the American government.


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