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Colorado Springs is a location in Wasteland 3.


Survivalist groups were common in Colorado in the years before the bombs fell. Wealthy survivalists had the resources to create elaborate bunkers for their families in case of disaster. They provided the key to the re-emergence of civilization in Colorado. The lock was the city of Colorado Springs, which escaped nuclear annihilation thanks to missile defense systems put in place to defend the nearby military installation at Cheyenne Mountain.

Colorado Springs is a rare, fully-functioning society in post-apocalyptic America - but many harsh sacrifices have to be made in order to maintain it. Colorado Springs is the center of authority for most of the settlements and factions of Colorado and has been ruled by the Patriarch for over 50 years. The Patriarch rose to power by uniting the Hundred Families and leading them to victory over the vicious gangs of Colorado.

In recent years, Colorado Springs is experiencing an increasing problem with refugees fleeing the vicious warlords who dominate the eastern plains. The flow of refugees into Colorado Springs is putting a severe strain on resources and creating tensions with the Hundred Families. The second problem is oil: Colorado Springs usually gets its oil from the Gippers, the cult that controls most of the state's fuel production. Unfortunately, because of recent hostilities, the Gippers stopped oil deliveries to the city.