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A hammer, sickle, and rising star, symbols of international communism. Monument from the crashed space station.

The Comintern Combine (Коминтерновский комбинат) was a military alliance helmed by the Soviet Union, dedicated to advancing the cause of communism across the world. It was the analogue of NATO, including nations across Europe and Africa. Its expansion accelerated rapidly as the Drug Wars and the American empire grew to cover the western hemisphere.[1]

One of the most enduring symbols of its might, even a century after the nuclear war, is the AK-97 assault rifle, a highly respected weapon that was provided to allies of the cause within and without the Combine.[2]


Behind the scenes[]

Comintern Combine could be a bigger and modernised version of real-world counterpart known as Warsaw Pact. It is unknown however if that faction arose from this alliance or was created in other way.


  1. Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide: "The End of the old world and the birth of the new began with that most modern of pre-war plagues, illegal drugs. Between 1987 and 1993, under the banner of eradicating the tide of narcotics that was flooding in from the south, the United States spearheaded a series of proxy wars and political coups in Central and South America that were designed to topple the governments there and install new governments loyal to new masters. This gave the U.S. de facto control over the whole of the western hemisphere."
  2. Wasteland manual: "AK-97 Assault Rifle: Created in the image of the legendary AK-47, the AK-97 is the latest in the assault rifle line. It was created for the Comintern Combine nations of Europe and Africa, but saw large distribution throughout the world before the war. It is chambered for 7.62mm ammo and fires from a 30-bullet clip. This highly-respected weapon is fairly commonplace."