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Computation engine is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


The invention of Abigail Markham and Di, the computation engine is a group of synths from Arizona lured to Steeltown by the robotic Quisling. Forced into the Steeltown spire and networked into a single, massive data processing network, the computation engine has been responsible for arranging duty rosters, quotas, and processing the incredibly complex activities of the arcology on a daily basis. However, since Blue Spector stole the synaptic degausser, the synths remained fully conscious and aware of their predicament, though powerless to act due to interlocks.

For months, the synths prodded and poked at the code, trying to find loopholes. Eventually, they managed to start rearranging the most minute of instructions, creating a fractalizing effect. Since the computation engine does everything - oversees the hiring of new employees, places them in jobs they're suited for, sets production quotas, calculates payroll, everything, and until a few weeks ago, it worked like a charm. Then it started to get... buggy. Shifts and quotas were changed in strange ways, new hires were placed in positions they were obviously unsuited for. Worse, people go in, but they don't come out anymore. The gate's been shut for a week, as the Human Resources center rejects 99% of applicants for some reason, causing the situation to deteriorate further.


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