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Constitution (CON, MAXCON) defines the durability of a character in Wasteland, Fountain of Dreams, Wasteland 2, and Wasteland 3.



The "health" points that a character can have. The higher this value, the more damage you can take before dying. Each promotion adds 2 pts to your MAXCON.

If the number is highlighted, then the character has picked up a life-threatening illness. This character requires medical treatment.

Fountain of Dreams[]

PC's and NPC's health is indicated by two numbers, Constitution (CON) and MAXCON.

CON is the amount of damage your character can take before going unconscious, for example, if your CON is 20, you will crumple to the ground when you absorb damage of 21 or more. But you're not dead yet, just Unconscious (UNC) and you'll be back on your feet in no time. But there are things worse than being UNC, such as Serious (SER), Critical (CRT), Comatose (COM), and Dead (DED). You'll bounce right back from being UNC, but you'll need medical attention if you're SER, and your condition will begin to deteriorate if you don't get it. CRT and COM are the next two steps below SER and also require intervention by a health professional. DED sort of speaks for itself. DED is bad.

While CON is the current number of a character's hit points, MaxCON is the maximum number of hit points he can have at his current level. That is, MaxCON is the number of hit points he possesses when not wounded, diseased, poisoned, or mutated.

Condition is separate from CON, but still affects it. It comes in two flavors, Afflicted and Unafflicted. Unafflicted means you're as normal as you ever were; Afflicted means you're poisoned, envenomed, mutated, irradiated, or diseased, and you should get to a Doctor. Otherwise, your CON will just leak away; being Afflicted drains CON at a steady rate until you are DED. When a party member is Afflicted, his name and Function key number at the top of the main screen will be highlighted, and on the Combat or Encounter screens his MAX CON will be highlighted. To see what a party member's Affliction is, press F1 - F5 to call up his Character Screen and then press V to view the Affliction.

If you want to speed-up the process of healing when one or more characters are wounded or unconscious, press and hold down the ESC key to make time pass more rapidly. Remember, characters or NPC's who are Afflicted or whose condition is SER or worse do not heal normally.

Wasteland 2[]

Constitution determines how much damage a character can take before being knocked unconscious or worse. The starting constitution of a character is determined as follows:

Base Hit Points = 14 + (Strength*2)

Furthermore, Strength governs how much constitution points the character gains per level:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8
CON gained per level

Additionally, a high Luck will give a chance of gaining bonus Con points each level.

Wasteland 3[]

Constitution mechanics are largely inherited from Wasteland 2.