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Culver City Brothel is a map location in the northwest of the initially accessible area of Los Angeles. It can be discovered when you receive a distress call from the workers there.

Overview[ | ]

On arrival, the player will encounter two women waiting outside the entrance. They warn the player that God's Militia has taken over the brothel and is killing anyone who walks in as "anyone who would enter a brothel is automatically a sinner" and deserving of death. This does not, however, stop the militiamen from forcing the prostitutes to offer their services to them for free.

When the player enters they will find the bodies of a few customers and will be ambushed by a group of militiamen. After defeating them, the player can talk to one of the workers out front to complete the mission and receive a lifetime discount on the brothel's services and a boost in the Rangers' California reputation.

Notes[ | ]

  • If Pizepi Joren is in your party when you complete this quest she does not engage in any dialogue about the nature of the services provided even though she is vocally curious about this when the player enters Heidi's Hollywood Hideaway.
  • One of the rooms contains a prostitute murdered during intercourse and displays a dialogue remarking on the extreme brutality and psychotic violence of the militia.