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Cyborg Chicken is a character in Wasteland 3. Or rather, characters, as there are a total of 5 cyborg chickens to be found, each in a different location.


Nearly spherical in shape, this plump specimen waddles contentedly along, pecking at the ground. For some reason, someone implanted metal devices into its body.


WL2 Skill Icon Lockpicking.png This character has other interactions.
  1. The base chicken is located in the coop to the left of the main courtyard at Peterson/Ranger HQ. At first a normal chicken, multiple chickens can be recruited to vastly increase its clucking, err, processing power.
  2. The next Chicken is found at the Garden of the Gods. With Animal Whisperer 4, it can be recruited.
  3. Another one can be found in Sans Luxe Apartments, apartment 1. With Animal Whisperer 3, it can be recruited.
  4. One can be found in the Church of the Final Deluge, Broadmoor Heights. With Animal Whisperer 4, it can be recruited.
  5. One can be found in the bunker under Broadmoor Heights.
If all 5 chickens are in the coop when the Scar Collectors attack the Ranger HQ they will form "Poultron" and join the fight, Poultron will then join as an animal companion automatically.
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