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Cyborg Tech - skill in Wasteland and planned for Wasteland 2.


This skill is used to access Finster's head to enter the Mind Maze. It can be learned in the library at the Guardian Citadel and Sleeper Base. According to Per Jorner's website,[1] "As soon as you pass an easy Cyborg tech check or a hard IQ check (just stand on the mindlink and press Esc until it works), you hook up into a strange virtual reality..."

This is the only skill that requires an IQ above 23 so, if the above is correct, there is no need to train it. Incedently, with Dr. Mike Scott's starting IQ of 21 and 2 spare skill points, you could raise his rank from Corporal (5) to Lance Corporal (7) raising his IQ to 25 and he would then have enough points to train Cyborg Tech and Energy weapon without having to train this skill on another character. Alternatively you can just wait and hire Vax as he has Cyborg Tech 3.

Behind the scenes

  • Cyborg Tech was once planned for inclusion in Wasteland 2.


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