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Guess my employers are a little embarrassed by their real name. Most folks know 'em as the Red Skorpion Militia, but around here they like to be known as RSM Enterprises. A little less alarming for potential customers, I guess.

Cyril Verba is a character found in the Prison.


A balding, middle-aged man with a bushy mustache and a friendly smile. His apron is as clean and white as fresh snow. He staffs the primary shop in the Prison area, accepting only Skorpion Skrip in return for the goods. In effect, he is perpetuating the system of slavery set up by the Skorpions, as the only employer around is Jim Auwaerter, who is also the only provider of food and other supplies.


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This character has other interactions.
  • Cyril provides background and context for the actions of the Skorpions, but doesn't play a larger role.