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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version.

Damonta is a town in Wasteland 2 and the only major settlement in northwest Arizona.

AZ 06 Damonta


Damonta is a small trading town built on the ruins of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, located a little southeast of Tucson. It was frequently visited by junk dealers and scrap merchants due to the abundant scrap metal that could be found amidst the airplane graveyard and the inactive robots of Base Cochise.

The town also became a hub of trade when some residents of Arizona in areas west of the town, discovered they could reach it through the Canyon of Titan, provided they had rad suits safe enough to protect them from the high amount of radiation.

The Red Skorpion Militia in particular traded with them for better weaponry. The Desert Rangers didn't know for certain that the town existed until 2102, though they did hear rumors about it from wastelanders and the radio chatter of the RSM.

The radio tower of Damonta existed was noted for its signal strength since before the nuclear war. Even after the war it could receive signals from far away areas like Ranger Citadel on a clear day.

When Team Echo was sent to hook up a repeater unit to the town's tower, the inactive robots suddenly became mysteriously active and started attacking the townfolk, with most of the residents being killed.


Painters safe passcode - 152260




Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotSWhostile
Wl2 portrait KillerKiller x3SWhostile
Wl2 portrait slicer01Slicer DicerSWhostile
KathyLawsonJill YatesSWdialog, quest-giver
Wl2 portrait gipper01DocSWmerchant
WL2PortraitDefaultmaleCowboy x2SWguards
Ranger4BartSWOnly appears if rescued at Canyon of Titan, can accompany you
Ws2 Portrait BaychowskiRedRed BaychowskiWquest-giver, rescue
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotWhostile
ThresherThresher ClawerWhostile
Wl2 Portrait Random MaleWerewolf WallyWquest-giver, rescue
Wl2 portrait ClawerClawer x3Courtyardhostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotronCourtyardhostile
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotCourtyardhostile
Wl2 portrait KillerKillerCourtyardhostile
Wl2 portrait 20mmTurret20mm TurretEhostile, hack to make friendly
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotron x4SEambush
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotEhostile
Wl2 portrait slicer01Slicer DicerEhostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotron x3Ehostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotron x2Ehostile
ThresherThresher Clawer x2Ehostile
Wl2 Portrait HopiHopiErescue, merchant
Wl2 Portrait MageeMageeErescue, trade any gun
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTJaime the RobotEuse Computer Science
Wl2 portrait KillerKiller x2Whostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotronWhostile
ThresherThresher ClawerWhostile
Wl2 portrait ThreshingClawerThresher ClawerWhostile
Wl2 Portrait HectorHector NguyenWrescue, quest-giver
Wl2 portrait manner01Carla NguyenWrescue
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotWhostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotron x4Whostile
ThresherThresher Clawer x2Whostile
Wl2 portrait ThreshingClawerThresher Clawer x2Whostile
Wl2 portrait 20mmTurret20mm TurretWhostile, hack to make friendly
Wl2 portrait 20mmTurret20mm TurretNhostile, hack to make friendly
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotNhostile
Wl2 portrait slicer01Slicer Dicer x2Nhostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotronNhostile
ThresherThresher ClawerNhostile
Wl2 portrait KillerKillerNhostile
Wl2 portrait CowCow x5NTaken away by Bart
Wl2 portrait KillerKiller x3NEhostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotron x3NEhostile
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotNEhostile
ThresherThresher ClawerNEhostile
Wl2 portrait ThreshingClawerThresher Clawer x2NEhostile
Wl2 portrait synth01TinkerNEhostile
HookerBinh NguyenNErescue
Wl2 Portrait LexicaniumLexcaniumNErescue


Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 portrait RAVEBOTDiscobotNhostile
Wl2 portrait KillerKiller x2Nhostile
ThresherThresher ClawerNhostile
Ws2 Portrait BaychowskiRedRed BaychowskiNrescue, accompanies you to find treasure if you let him


Pic Name Location Info

Silent SpringsEdit

Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 portrait KillerKillerNEhostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotronNEhostile
Wl2 portrait KillerKillerNhostile
Wl2 portrait ClawerClawerWhostile
Wl2 portrait OctotronOctotronWhostile
Wl2 portrait ThreshingClawerThresher ClawerWhostile


  • Unity file name: az06_Damonta.unity3d
  • Warning: Do not leave Damonta to World Map if you are still completing side quests for several npc's, once you come back, all npc's will die with 1x Thresher Clawer by them. It is recommended to destroy all robots including turrets (to be on the safe side) to prevent this from happening. There is a building with robots inside and a area where Octotrons are hidden and dug in, they will pop up from the ground after opening a cache. (12 SEP 2020)
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