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Marshal Kwon is a recruit in Wasteland 3.


Marshal Kwon is a tough, street-smart cop from Colorado Springs. Though the Marshals have a reputation as thugs and enforcers, Kwon - though he can handle himself in a fight - is more of a talker. He's deal-maker and fixer who solves problems through negotiation, and who can call in favors from people all over town, and on both sides of the law. Sometimes his solutions aren't strictly legal, and some end up lining his pockets, but as long as it makes the city safer in the end he can live with himself.


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This character is a party member.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Kwon is the first companion available for recruitment - he offers to join Team November as soon as they disable the alarms in the newly-founded Ranger HQ and receive their orders from the Patriarch. His decent Coordination, Awareness and Strength combined with high Automatic Weapons skill (the Puncturing Shot perk included) make him a relatively beefy and heavy armor-friendly mid-range combatant.
  • Despite him being a former Marshal, Kwon doesn't appear to have a particularly stellar reputation and is regarded as somewhat of a "traitor" and a brown-noser by Marshal Lupinski and even Sheriff Daisy herself. Choosing to go against the Marshals' orders - for example, during Big Trouble in Little Vegas - doesn't result in Kwon leaving the squad.
  • If you dismiss him, you can find him in the cafeteria of Ranger HQ.