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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version.

Darwin Village is a location in Wasteland 2 and the home of Project Darwin.


Darwin was a pre-war town located near a secret government base for biological research. The town survived the war as the Darwin village, named after the base which was later called "Project Darwin".

The village's residents however became increasingly withdrawn and distrustful of outsiders. The base's director Irwin John Finster at some point of time calculated a plan to replace all human beings with another life-form under the influence of the Base Cochise AI.

Finster however started rebelling against the Cochise AI who planned his demise and indirectly guided the Desert Rangers team led by Snake Vargas to kill him and put a stop to his project in 2087. Soon after, the research facilities were themselves destroyed.

The village survived but it was soon cut off from the outside world due to the radiation clouds. The staff of the base survived as well, but were transformed into mutants by a member of the Children Of The Citadel releasing the plague created by Finster.

Dialog ChoicesEdit

Dialog Choices SPOILERS
  • Help - log book - turn on air filtration

after air system

  • Curing - +experience, marks North "Herbert" Shrine on map even if it is there already
    • Finster
  • Custodians
    • Won't tell
    • Will tell - combat
  • Goodbye


WL2 Darwin Village Map Walkthrough
  • Plague Victims
  • PROTEUS - 7768387 - from RC museum


WL2 Darwin Village Lab Map Walkthrough
  • Lab door - plague -2 int -4 chr
  • Lab1 - safe - Bellona "2355662" (from Medal of Honor) - black list
  • Jan - help
  • desk clue MEMORANDUM - Irwin Finster - Erwin
  • Lab2 - alarm disarm door, comp sci door terminal
  • traps - laser - demo or just shot them
  • Door - "Irwin" - 47946
  • gurgling tank - shot it
  • turn on air system to cure plague
  • Night Terror Door code ICEBERG - 4232374
  • Night Terror - comp sci door - flesh parts is candy

Items and People Of Interest Edit



Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x11Center patrollinghostile - always
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x10West patrollinghostile - always
Wl2 portrait MutantJanLab roomdialog x2
Wl2 portrait 20mmTurret20mm Turret x3Lab level 2 North roomhostile - comp sci
NightTerrorThe Night TerrorLab level 2 North roomdialog for candy - use comps sci to open door
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x6Lab level 2 East hallhostile before air system on
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x8Lab level 2 South roomhostile before air system on
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x9Lab level 2 Center roomhostile before air system on
Wl2 portrait MutantCured Mutant x5Lab level 1 after cureneutral


  • Unity file name: AZ10_Cops_14.unity3d
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