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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.


A Town of Scientific Mutants, it is

When Squad Echo arrives, they find the town full of infected people.

Dialog ChoicesEdit

Dialog Choices SPOILERS
  • Help - log book - turn on air filtration

after air system

  • Curing - +experience, marks North "Herbert" Shrine on map even if it is there already
    • Finster
  • Custodians
    • Won't tell
    • Will tell - combat
  • Goodbye


WL2 Darwin Village Map Walkthrough
  • Plague Victims
  • PROTEUS - 7768387 - from RC museum


WL2 Darwin Village Lab Map Walkthrough
  • Lab door - plague -2 int -4 chr
  • Lab1 - safe - Bellona "2355662" (from Medal of Honor) - black list
  • Jan - help
  • desk clue MEMORANDUM - Irwin Finster - Erwin
  • Lab2 - alarm disarm door, comp sci door terminal
  • traps - laser - demo or just shot them
  • Door - "Irwin" - 47946
  • gurgling tank - shot it
  • turn on air system to cure plague
  • Night Terror Door code ICEBERG - 4232374
  • Night Terror - comp sci door - flesh parts is candy

Items and People Of Interest Edit



Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x11Center patrollinghostile - always
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x10West patrollinghostile - always
Wl2 portrait MutantJanLab roomdialog x2
Wl2 portrait 20mmTurret20mm Turret x3Lab level 2 North roomhostile - comp sci
NightTerrorThe Night TerrorLab level 2 North roomdialog for candy - use comps sci to open door
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x6Lab level 2 East hallhostile before air system on
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x8Lab level 2 South roomhostile before air system on
Wl2 Portrait PlaugeVictimPlague Victim x9Lab level 2 Center roomhostile before air system on
Wl2 portrait MutantCured Mutant x5Lab level 1 after cureneutral


  • Unity file name: AZ10_Cops_14.unity3d
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