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Captain Dave "Killer" Carlson is the leader of the first wave of Rangers at Santa Fe Springs.


Captain Carlson assisted Captain Angela Deth in the initial sortie to Los Angeles. While she performed an overflight of Seal Beach, he stayed behind with a group of Rangers to secure the Santa Fe perimeter. Unfortunately, things went to hell fast. Nuke pooches swarmed through openings in the perimeter wall and ripped apart Team Foxtrot. By the time Team Echo arrives at the compound, Carlson is the only one left and even he is rapidly bleeding out.


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This character has other interactions.
  • Carlson is the first Ranger Team Echo finds on Californian soil. He is rapidly bleeding out and will not survive. He orders the Rangers to find Wade Woodson and save him.
  • After the Ranger team patches the holes in the perimeter wall, Carlson expires, but manages to pass on orders from the brass.


Dave "Killer" Carlson was a character in the 1977 movie Slapshot played by Jerry Houser.