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Deliver a letter to Robert Bowling's sister Katy in the Rail Nomads Camp is a quest in Wasteland 2.


Robert accosts the Rangers, trying to sell them fake guns. He will also ask them to deliver a letter to his sister.


  • Deliver the letter to Katy Bowling at the camp.
  • Once she receives it, the Rangers can simply leave without investigating later. She will kill herself as a result.
  • If, however, the Rangers investigate (with Smart Ass or Kiss Ass), she will explain that she is in trouble. This will cause Pitbull to appear.
  • Initiating Brother/Letter dialog with her then selecting Goodbye without giving her the letter or investigating will also cause Pitbull to appear.
  • Once Pitbull appears, the Rangers can let him collect, pay 500 scrap for her freedom, or fight for her. Killing Pitbull will cause the Red Skorpion Militia to go hostile at the Prison. Well, more than they usually are.
  • (Alternately if Pitbull is killed before visiting Katy, the player must only inform her of his demise)


  • Positive ending for the Bowlings.