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Denver airport is the home of the Machine Commune in Wasteland 3.


Home of one of the most exotic settlements across the Colorado wasteland, the Denver Airport has been taken over by machines, who established a commune here. Communicating and governing together in a perfect democracy, the robots try to find a way to end the seemingly endless conflict between man and machine.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the Machine Communists! You'll be greeted at the "door" by Greet-O and can then proceed to explore. The first stop is the frozen turtle named Bert, surrounded by robots deciding whether they should flip him over. Up the catwalk is the grounded space shuttle, with SAL, the voice of the Free Colorado you hear on the airwaves.
  • In the concourse you'll encounter a whole gallery of interesting characters, including Little Sparrow, a robot you can have sex with, Pico, the musical slicerdicer, Indigo Rouge, the painter... Though you might be most interested in Vivisecto, RN, who can craft the Cyborg tech control unit for $1024 per shot (so it's nearly $5k to kit out your core Rangers). At the eastern end of the concourse you'll find Tinker, the synth menace of Damonta.
  • Beyond the doors, Jimmy-6 will guide you to the Machine Intelligence Tower up the stairs, located in the air traffic control tower. Meet it to talk to one of the most interesting characters in Wasteland 3.
  • The opposite part of the commune, to the northwest, beyond the doors near Pico, contains a no man's land where humans who wished to remain apart lived. Little remains of them except some drools and bile bombers. You'll have to go that way in order to save V.I.C.I. during Counterintelligence. The way eventually loops back to the Machine Intelligence's Tower.



Notable loot[]