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Denver ruins is a location in Wasteland 3.


Denver is named after former Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver. It got its nickname, the Mile-High City, because its official elevation is one mile above sea level. Nuked thoroughly in the Great War and then frozen under the Coloradoan vortex, Denver remained a sea of ruins for a long while - until the Gippers emerged, centered around the preserved Ronald Reagan AI. They claim the Western White House and have set up multiple oil wells, tapping the crude oil in Colorado and providing some of the only sources of power in the region.

Points of interest[]

  • Denver is a special place, and not just because you're going to deal with Valor Buchanan. As you approach the city, you're intercepted by Liberty Buchanan, who will demand that you leave Colorado for good and abandon her father's cause. Note that you'll likely be unable to arrest or kill her here, all you'll do is just buy your way into an early grave.
  • Once you arrive, you're immediately met by Mother Nancy Reliance, a notable Gipper, who will react according to your fame. You can use Kiss Ass 4 to request an audience and gain +1 reputation with the Gippers. If you recovered Morningstar, this will also lead to an unique interaction, where he will pipe up during the "trial" and get on Mother Reliance's nerves. You can use Kiss Ass 5 to lie and conceal his identity or admit who he is, earning a -1 to Gipper reputation.
  • You will then witness a "trial" of a Godfisher, Mist-that-Burns, who is accused of murdering Gippers and presented before "Ronnie" for sentencing (your reaction to a statue judging folk allows you to gain a +1 reputation with the Gippers if you appreciate the robot) and 999-us01, a "communist" robot from the Machine Commune. Of course, the helpful robot gets killed, while the murderer gets to walk away without a dinge (note that complaining in any way about the Gipper is a -1 to reputation).
  • You're then invited to talk to Reagan if your reputation is high enough. Otherwise, you need to work for it.
  • To the southwest is a large Godfisher camp. You can fight them or collaborate with them to fight Godreagan (see Let's Go Fry a Kite). Note that in the camp is a graffiti'd wall, which you can tear down with any weapon and reveal an iced-over container, which has an unique utility item. Right next to the western camp is the eastern ruins camp, with more Godfishers, this time sporting numerous watchers. In between is a ridge overlooking the Denver blast crater, with a level 7 safe perched on the edge (and good loot inside).
  • Straight south of the Reagan statue is a shack next to a heavy machine gun. You can repair the generator with Mechanics 5 to defrost the heating unit and restore functionality to the third Reagan Statue control panel. Beyond it, to the southeast, is the oil field, now taken over by Godfishers under Flensing-Ice. Before you enter, you might want to fix the nearby generator (another Mechanics 5 test) to be able to shut off the wall of fire and attack the Godfishers from the side, allowing you to take down Flensing with a sneak attack and funnel the rest down a killing zone.

Western White House[]

  • The headquarters of the Gippers are located in the Denver state house. The layout is fairly straightforward. In the above-ground areas you'll find:
    • Bill the Gipper in the main hall, who can be encouraged to seek out his mother, which will yield his corpse among the many butchered ones at Union Station.
    • The Wyman in the western chamber, who provides medical items and offers you the Counterintelligence quest to find out how the machines over at Denver airport heal humans. Opposite her chambers is a locked level 4 door that contains a chamber with a collectible cassette tape ans Cruel Corey.
    • Sister Nancy Forge in the south-eastern chamber, who sells a ton of high end items, including a Chemtek armor set. You can get a free item from her with Weapon Modding 4 and either Weapon Modding or Nerd Stuff 5. Also note the broken level 5 toaster here.
  • In the basement is the Ronald Reagan AI, alongside Mother Nancy Reliance and Valor Buchanan, who have their own quests. Ronald and Mother will advance the Reagan Reborn quests to transfer Reggie into a willing subject, while Valor will ask you to Build a Better Reagan by upgrading three terminals controlling the giant statue outside.


Notable loot[]