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Department of Energy Site is a location in Wasteland 3.


An old government research facility hidden in the mountains.

Points of interest[]

  • This location will be automatically marked on your map after you enter the vicinity of northeastern Rockies. Gonzalez will report picking up odd transmissions that you can then investigate. Nothing seems out of the ordinary when you arrive. The northern door leads to a dead end past a door locked with a Nerd Stuff 7 computer or a Lockpick 9 lock. The containers there contain a pulse rifle and other loot. Mind the level 7 explosive trap.
  • The southern door leads to a Nerd Stuff 6 computer, which unlocks access deeper into the site. Mind the octotrons, killers, and other robots crawling through the area. Loot the end of the corridor between the breakroom and the lab for a collectible creepy doll, then remember to loot the laboratory after wiping out the resident robots for a lore book and a piece of high level armor.
  • Heal up and prepare. Opening the garage door to the north will put you up against Dos-Teh-Seh, child of Cochise! After a short exchange of views and explanation that she's planning to build a synth utopia, she attacks. There's no other way around it. She has a Scorpitron three octotrons, two fusion turrets, and a discobot at her disposal.
  • After the dust settles, the rear room contains the radio transmitter for you to shut down.

Notable loot[]