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My designation is Disassembly Robot 1st Class, or D1. You may call me Di. I serve Administrator Markham as Chief Engineer, or as she commands.

Di is a character in the Wasteland 3 expansion: Battle of Steeltown.


D1 Disassembly Robot, adaptive neural net, self-governing protocol matrices, full analysis suite. A top-of-the-line assistant engineer built from the best old world tech - otherwise known as Di. Bordering on synth tech, Di is presently assisting Markham in her operation of the Steeltown arcology. Di was originally discovered by Markham as a disassembly robot, more specifically, a hunter-killer designed for seeking out synths and other robots with free will. Administrator Markham made numerous upgrades to its software in the years since, slowly turning her into an incredibly capable chief engineer for Steeltown. Di's prime directive of retiring malfunctioning and obsolete units remains, however - regardless of how it is used.

The twist in Di's case is that she is actually a synth, recovered by Markham and Blue on the way from the Motor City Combine. Recovered in Windsor, Ontario (near Detroit), Di was a Canadian highly advanced robot fashioned by the pair into an objective advisor meant to maintain perfect rationality and counter any biases they might have. Canadian accent notwithstanding, Di became an essential factor in the rise of Steeltown to where it is. However, Markham's use of Di as a sort of robotic Quisling to draw a pack of Arizonian synths to Steeltown to create the computation engine drove a wedge between the pair and alienated Blue.

Eventually, Blue went rogue and abandoned Steeltown to establish the Ghost Gang. Meanwhile, Markham modified Di even further, restricting her programming so that she would only act as a glorified calculator and unwilling tool of Markham's plans.


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Factory Fracas
Steeltown Blues