Doctor: A vital skill that lets a character stabilize a badly-wounded comrade so he or she has a chance to recover. Much more effective than Medic skill.

Doctor skill vs. Town ClinicsEdit

If your team is hurt, you have cash to burn, and you don't feel like waiting to heal, you can always stop by a clinic (Highpool, Quartz, Needles, Las Vegas, Darwin Village, and the Sleeper Base all have clinics on site. These clinics are also the only locations where you can diagnose and cure Diseases.

Healing CON Without a ClinicEdit

If you don't feel like burning up cash and would rather "rest" without interruption, there is an easy method. Just make sure each of your characters is equipped with a Canteen, and walk into the desert until you find a location where it says, "It is VERY hot!". Now, hold down the "Escape" key to wait until your party is fully healed. No creatures will attack you while you are on a "VERY hot!" square!

Training HealersEdit

While some may be content to allow Doctor skill to rise naturally through the course of the game, there is a cynical method to accelerate training. Simply let a character get hurt badly, dropping their status below "UNC" to "SER", "CRT", "MRT" or "COM", and then heal them, but don't heal them to a condition better than "SER" - and thus letting them fall to "CRT", "MRT", or "COM" before healing them again. You can either wait in one place, checking your team's health periodically, or you can go about your business in the Wasteland - just be sure to keep checking on your "CPR dummy" to make sure he or she doesn't die. You might want to do this with a relatively weak NPC, such as Jackie, Mayor Pedros, Felicia, Ralf, or Mort, just in case they accidentally die. This method also works with the Medic skill.


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