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Doctor Horace Breeler is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


A former doctor and current face of Steeltown's human resources department, Doctor Breeler is in charge of preparing prospective employees for the administering tests (i.e. anyone needing to enter the arcology for whaever reason). The process was once done manually, with Breeler and a team of staff, but is now controlled by the Computation Engine.[1] In that time since, he's fallen into constantly being in a drunken stupor,[2] remarking on his lack of work and the condition of Steeltown.[3] He's also allergic to cats,[4] as well as parrots.[5]


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This character is a doctor. Healing cost: $25
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This character is involved in quests.


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This character has other interactions.
  • Visiting him with Major Tomcat in tow will cause him to remark that it's only the third time he saw a cat in uniform.
  • Visiting him with Polly will cause Polly to claim they have a disease, and require examination, demeaning Breeler's doctoral nature in the process.


  • Steeltown: Doc Breeler administers the tests to admit the Rangers into the arcology.


  1. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "If nobody passes the tests, why do you keep administering them?"
    Doctor Breeler: "Inertia? Once upon a time, I had a staff here, and we gave all these tests manually. Sent a lot of people through that door to a good job and a better life. Then Markham built her Computation Engine and decided that it would make all the hiring decisions. So she had these evaluation machines installed, and told me my new job was to be the friendly face that prepped people for the test. Apparently the Computation Engine said that was the position I'm best suited for. So now the machines do all the work and I... drink."
  2. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "Who are you?"
    Doctor Breeler: "Horace Breeler. You wouldn't guess it now, but I was an actual doctor once. Now I don't even do the eye test. Only good thing is, I can do this job stone drunk, so I am stone drunk as often as I can be. Like... now, for instance."
  3. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "We want to ask about the testing process."
    Doctor Breeler: "::sigh:: Sure. Ask away. I've got nothing else to do... and I'm not even being sarcastic."
  4. Doctor Breeler: "Huh. Only the third time I've seen a cat in uniform."
    Major Tomcat: "Chrrp."
    Doctor Breeler: "::sneezes:: Sorry, I'm allergic. Anyway..."
  5. Polly: "Help me, doc! Help me! I've got a bad case of parrot-onitis! Oh god, I'm dying!"
    Doctor Breeler: "Uh... a bad case of what?"
    Polly: "And you call yourself a doctor. Where'd you go to medical school, Cirrhosis U? Here. You wanna check my colon?"
    Doctor Breeler: "::sneezes:: Sorry, I'm allergic. Anyway..."