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The Dorseys are a fallen house of the Hundred Families, banished by Saul Buchanan from his nation.


A recent addition to the long list of plain gangs operating in Colorado and Kansas, the Dorseys were formerly an upstanding house of the Hundred Families and part of the Patriarch's domain. That is, until they decided to challenge the rule of Saul Buchanan about twenty years prior. The reason? They had an argument over how fast should democracy come to Colorado Springs. They wanted it now. Saul wanted to wait. His strongest supporters turned into his fiercest enemies, but what was supposed to be an uprising turned into a slaughter.

After fleeing to the Plains to escape the Patriarch’s wrath, Nelius Dorsey molded what was left of his extended family into a vicious gang of hunters and raiders. Their banishment has resulted in a rapid descent into a gang of murderous, apocalypse-worshipping hillbillies in a single generation. Hillbillies quite fond of donning headdresses made from animals. Most consider them to have been destroyed utterly by the Patriarch. However, the Dorseys believe they are harbingers of the Deluge of Blood, a great cataclysm that will wipe away the last remnants of the old world, and are very much interested in proving the Hundred Families wrong.



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