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Downtown Colorado Springs is a location in Wasteland 3.


The heart of Patriarch's nation is a fully functioning, stable city where survival is assured and prosperity present. Of course, it's not perfect, and the prosperity guaranteed to the nation's citizens requires sacrifices and protection.

Points of interest[]

  • The first visit to Downtown Colorado Springs will bring you out near the Marshal station. At the gallows you can talk to Emaline Pease, who will ask you to intervene to save Austin Pease, her son, from execution. The nearby Magistrate Silas Watkins allows for intervention and introduces you to the simple, brutal justice system of the Patriarch.
  • Inside the station is the usual police assortment: Sheriff Daisy, the leader of the Marshals, Lucia Wesson, a companion, Deputy Marshal Torres at the desk, and a locked armory (Lockpick 4, also has a collectible cassette) that can be raided. Down south lies the Machine shop and its master, MacTavish.
  • In the center of the area is a clothing shop. It's shut down due to a bad case of the Dorseys and Josiah Casady and Martha Casady are in front arguing about whether the old man should charge in and deal with them. You can offer to help out and deal with them. Killing works - but you can also use subtlety and inform the Dorseys that they're in a clothing store and can just walk out of town (Kiss Ass 3 required). In return, you unlock a store and a discount.
  • Immediately north is the large Market Square with an overcompensating statue of Saul Buchanan in the center. Surround it are market stalls, including Snappin' Jimmy Bob's for general goods, Mary Milk-Teeth's for medicine, and Taiwan Jones' for weapons. Taiwan's has a landmine buried under it, which you can disarm with Explosives 5. The square is overlooked by a boarded-up museum.
  • On the northern edge of the square is the entrance to the Garden of the Gods and Little Vegas. On the eastern edge is the Sans Luxe Apartments complex along with a group of six thieves who can be put down to get their loot.
  • In the west is the exit from the Downtown, along with the Kodiak, a refugee camp with Mama Cotter and her sons, as well as the Arapaho garage under Jimmie Longhaul. Doc Parker is found inside and can be recruited for the Ranger HQ.
Later developments
  • Once Garden of the Gods is cleared, the downtown is restored. When you pass by the museum (which can be accessed through a side door with Lockpicking 3; inside you can find various exhibits that advance a Patriarch-lionizing version of history, just use Mechanics 3 to repair the generator), Corporal Marcelo Gonzalez will be contacted by the proprietor of the Sans Luxe apartments demanding a visit from the Rangers. New characters will also appear, like Brandi, Troy, and Hope Emerson at the station when you return to file your report.
  • As you pass through the area, you will eventually be contacted by Rosie Wong, who will demand that the Rangers investigate the wrongdoing at her flophouse, starting Don't You Be My Neighbor.
  • Junko Murayama will appear near the museum.


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