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Downtown Showdown is a quest in Wasteland 3, where you stand by the Patriarch. Other endgame quests are Promises Made, Promises Kept, Gangs All Here, and Showdown at the Broadmoor.


Angela Deth asked us to support her in a coup against the Patriarch. We have to get back to Colorado Springs. In light of Angie's open aggression against the Patriarch, we'll need to enter through Ranger HQ.


  • Once Liberty Buchanan is dealt with (assuming you didn't accept Ironclad Cordite's offer), you will be contacted by Angela Deth, asking you to make a decision: Either support her coup against the Patriarch or face one of the wasteland's finest Rangers and uphold the Patriarchy. What she asks for is against orders from Ranger Command, but...
  • Either way you choose, you need to return to the Peterson Air Force Base, as Colorado Springs is locked down due to Angie's rebellion.
  • You need to seize control of the base to have the full force behind you. The strength of the sides (Patriarch patriots and Ranger rebels) is the result of their loyalty rating - revealed when talking to named characters, who will sometimes display the status of their allegiance. High allegiance means more Rangers on your side. Less and... Suffice to say, there will be many more corpses to burn by the time the day's over. If you were diligent in upgrading HQ and resolving problems in favor of the Rangers (more or less):
  • To secure the Ranger HQ, you need to disable the alarms in the armory, brig, and garage, then disable the master alert from the war room main computer. Note that you will have to fight through the rebel Rangers, including nearly every Arizona Ranger incl. Riley Woodson, La Loca, Rook etc.
    • You can skip the entire section by just leaving through the regular exit to Downtown Colorado Springs. This will preclude using the Kodiak and force you to fight the Patriarch on foot.
  • Once you are in the downtown area, you have to deal with several crises. Wastelander Refugees under Mama Cotter (Tommy Cotter if you arrested her during Unwelcome Guests) will be protesting against the Patriarch's rule and the whole situation can only be defused peacefully if you paid attention to good relations with the refugees (otherwise, you need to do like the Pinkertons, i.e. murder every refugee you see).
  • If your reputation with the Marshals is Liked or better, Sheriff Daisy will be neutral (otherwise they will attack). If she is neutral and you have Kiss Ass 10 you can convince her that you have the Colorado Springs' interest at heart and taking Saul down is the way forward. If you succeed and say that you'll make Colorado Springs the number one priority for you, she will order the Marshals to stand down and hang back.
  • Going forward, you can swing by the clothes shop to find Angela's forward scouts. You can fix them up with First Aid 8 and they'll explain that the Patriarch's got Market Square locked down with Manifest Destiny - they took damage due to its withering fire. Check the medical crate nearby, but watch the minefield.
  • Time to get the Kodiak (if you dealt with Ranger HQ. After witnessing Saul execute several refugees and destroy his own edifice, you need to get through the museum. Enter it, stand someone at the pressure pad at the Hundred Families exhibit, then have another Ranger hit the button on the wall by the Monster Army exhibit. Finally, get to the console in the back. You can use Mechanics 8 to disable the alarm by destroying the hardware or Nerd Stuff 10 to hack it and open the blast doors. If you opened the emergency evacuation tunnel over at Peterson, you'll be able to get the Kodiak in.
  • This is the final confrontation. Since you sided with Angie, expect an epic battle against the old man of the Colorado, supported by reinforcement waves and his Manifest Destiny modified car. You'll also face Adamant and Immaculate flanking him.
  • Either way, the storyline comes to an end. Your final choices are:
    • How to deal with the Patriarch: You can arrest and try him, kill him, exile him, or give him to the mob to tear apart.
    • What to do: Invite the Arizona Rangers to Colorado (requires Kiss Ass 9 to get Angie to stay and make sure you keep Wade from ripping her head off), stay in Colorado and send supplies (which is a risky proposition), ransack the stores and return to Arizona, or keep heading east.
  • Now... Can you live with the endings you chose?


  • Colorado under Ranger rule.