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Father Enola is the leader of the Servants at the Temple of Titan.


Father Enola, named after Enola Gay, the bomber that dropped the first nuclear bomb in history, is a shrewd politician and a capable leader. He uses the leverage provided by the Monks' nuclear missile to enforce peace throughout the Canyon of Titan and ensure that everyone behaves themselves. He is a humanitarian first and foremost, something that brought him the ire of brother Guano, who believes that Enola forsook the faith and embraced the polar opposite of the Servants' enshrined nihilism.


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This character has other interactions.
  • Enola has to be interacted with to gain passage to the Damonta canyon, after gaining entrance to the Monks' base. He will ask the Rangers to deliver a real, live nuclear warhead to the Monks to replace the fake Titan god they have and give them real leverage.