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Erastus Dorsey is a character in Wasteland 3.


One of the leaders of the Dorseys and a blood relative of Jarett Dorsey. Vicious and bloodthirsty even by Dorsey standards, Erastus nonetheless loved his brother Jarett dearly. Upon hearing of Jarett's death at the hands of the Desert Rangers, he is absolutely devastated, and has sworn to wipe the Rangers out of Colorado for good as his vengeance.


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This character is involved in quests.

Heads or Tails


  • Heads or Tails: Erastus threatens to kill the whole Hoon family if the Rangers don't come quick - or choose to save the Arapahos instead.
    • Erastus actually has a massive amount of cut content and was originally tied to at least five distinct paths (quoted from the game files):

TEMP: Erastus Life Path 1.
Result: Erastus joins the Scar Collectors. Players meet him in Steeltown Refugee camp as part of the Scar Collector attack. Potentially this offers a peaceful way to prevent the attack.

TEMP: Erastus Life Path 2
Result: Erastus seeks out the Machine Commune. The robots welcome him, although neither side is quite sure what he should do next.  By the time the Rangers find him, he's dedicated himself to mastering the arcade machine near Pico.

TEMP: Erastus Life Path 3
Result: Erastus turns up in the Church of the Toaster. He greets you and thanks you, and can offer additional insights into the Golden Toaster Follower.

TEMP: Erastus Life Path 5
Result: Erastus becomes captain of the Steeltown guards. He claims to have been considered 'the most highly qualified' by the computer, but expresses confusion about the questions asked. Played for comic relief.

TEMP: Erastus Life Path 6
Result: Erastus shows up in the Dunes of Thought as a petitioner.

TEMP: Erastus Life Path 7
Result: Erastus shows up in the Holy Detonation cult. He is fully committed to the cause.