Sgt. Dr. Erik Tidemann is a character in Wasteland 2.

Erik Tidemann
Wl2 BackerPortrait ErickTideman
gender: Male
CON: 140
faction: Desert Rangers
role: Doctor, Merchant, Quest-giver
damage: 33-38
Armor Class: 5
evasion: 10%
location: Ranger Citadel


Tidemann is the official doctor of the Desert Rangers. He is suffering from lung cancer due to which he has to rely on painkillers.

Player interactionsEdit

Tidemann will reward you with a higher selling price for any pain relievers you bring him. You can also find a cure for his lung cancer in Darwin Village. He can also sell you medical supplies.



Tidemann is named after the real-life Norwegian artist of the same name who also had a statue's design made by him represented in the game.[1]


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