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Exterminating Angel is a quest in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.




Raw strings[]

Exterminating Angel
 Wait for a cultist to stand on a power conduit and get charged by Iridium.
Kill a cultist charging up on a power conduit.
Continue damaging Iridium by killing cultists charging up on power conduits.
Iridium is charging Nucleists on power conduits with Holy Radiation. Stop her by defeating the Nucleists and jolting her when their residual energy feeds back to her.
 We should prioritize eliminating those who pose an immediate threat and allow some cultists to reach the power conduits.
Killing a charged cultist on a power conduit will send the Holy Radiation back to Iridium and damage her.
Iridium can only accept the pure radiation of the Holy Detonation into her body. The radiation returning to her from disintegrated cultists is tainted by their death, and will kill her if she ingests enough.\n\n\nTainted Radiation Ingested: [Global: e6001_Iridium_Hurt] / [Global: e6001_Iridium_Max_Hits]
Iridium and her followers have been defeated.