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Faran Brygo is the name of one of the major characters in Wasteland.


An exception among ambitious wastelanders, Brygo never wanted power or control over a government. Brygo simply wanted a comfortable life and wealth, but to achieve that goal, he had to participate in power games and establish a stable, civil society with disposable income. Never holding formal office in his native Las Vegas, Brygo thrived in the anarchic town, ensuring that the city was well-governed and well-policed while cashing in money from visitors coming into the city. His robust network of lieutenants was headed by Max, an android who came in one day from the wasteland and proved to be an incredibly capable fighter - and when the first robotic monstrosities arrived in Vegas in 2087, a reliable source of information on them.

Brygo sounded the alarm and dispatched Ace to gather help from outlying towns, as the people of Vegas survived under the ever-present threat of the robot menace and Faran himself escaped attempts on his life by Fat Freddy. Extinction events come and go, but politics remain the same. After Ace narrowly escaped his fate at the hands of Ugly John, he brought the Desert Rangers to aid the city, led by Angela Deth and Snake Vargas. Fighting through the robots, they allied themselves with Brygo, recovered Max - kidnapped by the machines and dismembered in the sewers - and consolidated his power. What followed was 15 years of unbroken prosperity, which ended when radiation storms and the second wave of robotic monstrosities engulfed Vegas in 2102, as Matthias and Cochise AI made their second gambit.[1]

Later that year, trading the heat of Nevada for the cold of Colorado, Faran reestablished his power base in Colorado Springs, rebuilding his syndicate under the protective umbrella of the Patriarch's nation,[2] working hard to establish what would become Little Vegas.[3] Although Little Vegas is heavily downsized compared to its prior iteration, Brygo considers the locale as being close to what Las Vegas had been while noting that customers wouldn't know the difference either way.[4]



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Kill Faran Brygo
Save Vegas


  • Arch enemy of Fat Freddy, the other crime boss in Las Vegas. If you kill him for Fat Freddy, you get an onyx ring from his corpse.

Wasteland 3[]

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Big Trouble in Little Vegas

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With Perception 4, you can inquire as to why the painting in his office doesn't look a day younger than him. He'll reply that the pressures of running Vegas have taken their toll on him.



In Wasteland and Wasteland Remastered, Brygo's skin is completely white on both his face and hands. However, despite the painting behind him in Little Vegas showing his pure white skin, his character model at the desk appears flesh-toned.

Behind the scenes[]

Faran Brygo is a play on Brian Fargo, the project leader of Wasteland at Interplay. It is also Brian Fargo's nickname in the official Wasteland 2 forum.


After the bombs fell and there ceased being any government, a few folks-such as the Desert Rangers-wanted to help re-establish the rule of law. Others wanted to take the world for everything they could get, leaving nothing but blood and bones in their wake. Still others wanted to hold onto power at all costs and establish merciless dictatorships. Faran Brygo just wanted to live a comfortable life and make a buck while doing it. He also understood that, to do so, there needed to be a stable civil society with disposable income so people had money to spend on what he was selling.

Thus, though he never held public office in Las Vegas, he always made sure that the town was well governed and well policed, and he dealt quickly with any internal or external threats. Notably, it was Brygo who first sounded the alarm about the Cochise robots after their arrival in Vegas, and who dispatched Ace to find and bring back help to deal with the situation. And when the Rangers defeated the robots, he lavished rewards on them and didn't raise a fuss when both Ace and his own daughter Marie joined their ranks. Just the price of doing business.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide


  1. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "You know Angela Deth and General Vargas?"
    Faran Brygo: "You haven't heard the story? Heheheheh. I'll never forget it. Twenty years ago, Vegas was being over-run by robots. A nightmare. Then Angie and Snake and their squad showed up, guns a'blazin', and saved the day. Heroes, every one of 'em. Helped me consolidate control of the city too. Of course, fifteen years later, the robots came back and destroyed everything. But you know all about that. They attacked you too. Anyway, that shared history makes me happy you're here. I hope you'll enjoy your stay."
  2. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "Why did you move to Colorado?"
    Faran Brygo: "Like I said... fifteen years after the Rangers saved us, the robots came back, deadlier than before. We held out as long as we could, but without help from the Rangers, the end was inevitable. As to why we came to Colorado? Well, we'd heard some rumors of the good work the Patriarch was doing out here, creating a stable, prosperous society. That's exactly the kind of environment a business like mine needs to flourish, so we packed up our roulette tables and hit the road."
  3. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "Thanks. You've given it a lot of class."
    Faran Brygo: "I'm glad you think so. You should have seen it five years ago. Nothing here but the walls, and half of them were falling down. We worked hard to get it where it is today. But enough about me. How are things with the Rangers? Is General Vargas still in charge? I'd love to give him my regards. We owe him and his team a lot."
  4. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "Tell us about the Little Vegas."
    Faran Brygo: "Ahhh, I know any attempt to recapture the past is doomed to failure, but I had to try. It's not quite Vegas, but it's close. And since I can't go back, this will have to do, won't it? And besides, the customers don't know it's a pale imitation. To them this is paradise - all of Sin City behind one door."