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Fat Freddy's is a location in Vegas.


The lair of Fat Freddy, the second most powerful character in New Vegas.


Fat Freddy is the local gangster in Vegas, arch-rival to Faran Brygo. His base is a casino; it's two houses north of Spade's Casino. You'll know the place because Thugs will attack you when you get close to the door. The password is "Bird". If you accept Freddy's offer, you'll get $1,000 in cash and get to go fight Faran; after you get his ring and come back, Freddy will attack.

If you decline Freddy's offer, you get gassed. Party members with Gas masks in their inventory aren't affected; everyone that doesn't have a gas mask (including those who are Serious, Critical, Mortal, Comatose, or even Dead!) are set at Unconscious status. If the entire party goes unconscious at this juncture, you wake up in Vegas Jail. If you've already freed Covenant, you're stuck, unless you've got a second group waiting to spring them from the outside: disc swapping may help if not. If you haven't freed Covenant, you can use Dexterity to free yourself, and Picklock to free Covenant. Hire Covenant, and he can get you through the cell door from the inside.

Fixed encounters[]

Name Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
Pic-2-19.png Fat Freddy Humanoid 320 10-50 7 25 6d6+1 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-2-18.png Prostitute Humanoid 10 2-12 0 2 2d6+8 Melee Melee 1-5
Pic-2-22.png Gambler Humanoid 24 3-15 1 1 1d6+2 Melee Melee 1
Pic-2-40.png Bodyguard Humanoid 180 7-37 5 25 4d6+3 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-2-20.png Thug Humanoid 45 3-18 2 15 3d6 Semi-auto Short 1-10
Pic-2-20.png Casino Guard Humanoid 60 5-25 2 15 3d6 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-2-40.png Hired Gun Humanoid 90 4-22 4 18 3d6+1 Semi-auto Short 1