Father Enola is a character in Wasteland 2.


Father Enola is the leader of the M. A. D. Monks as of 2102, keeping a check on the day-to-day activities of the organization and reports of the happening inside the Canyon of Titan.

The group worships the Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile located in the Temple of Titan and uses it to intimidate everyone into keeping the temple and the Canyon of Titan peaceful, since most believe it is armed with a nuclear warhead.

Enola is one of the few people who knows that the Titan missile is actually unarmed and keeps this information secret. At some point of time, he sent Brother Wright to retrieve the Titan missile armed with a warhead in Silo 7, but the latter instead turned on the monks.

Player interactionsEdit

You will need to accept Enola's request to retrieve the Titan II ICBM from Silo 7 in order to be allowed to leave the Temple of Titan.

If you attack the Mad Monks and they launch the Titan, Enola will tell the monks to not detonate it. He will also ask you to hand yourself over peacefully, otherwise he will join the battle.

If you disarm the Titan missile in Silo 7 and head back to the Temple of Titan, Enola will be found mortally wounded. He will die after you talk to him.

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