Fealty Mayweather

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Fealty Mayweather is wife to the leader of the Church Ecstatic of God's Militia.

Background[edit | edit source]

Fealty is one of the more pleasant members of the Militia. Unlike many others, she believes in the creed and would like to use the force of the Church to do good in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Simms' widow is in no position to enact changes, as Malediction is corrupt, mistreats her, and if she tried to run, she'd likely get shot.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

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  • Fealty is key to exposing Malediction for the scumbag he is. However, she will only turn up the evidence if she is convinced that Mal had a hand in Simms' death - for instance, if she realizes that the preserved eye in the Paladins' barracks belongs to her late husband.