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Final Form is a quest in Cult of the Holy Detonation .




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Final Form
Raise a cluster of cooling canisters using a console.
Lure the Proteus near the cooling canisters and explode them.
Use the consoles near the canister locations to refill the replacement cooling canisters.
Continue attacking the Proteus with cooling canister explosions until they are defeated.
The Proteus has transformed into their ultimate form. You must stop them before they unleast the Holy Detonation and spread radiation across all of Colorado.
Four consoles on the central platform control the raising of cooling canisters in the four quadrants of the chamber. Raising the canisters will allow us to blow them up, which could damage the Proteus.
Blowing up the cooling canisters won't do much if the Proteus isn't near them. We should lure them into range.
Looks like the system automatically replaces the cooling canisters we've been destroying, but we have to refill them ourselves, using the nearby consoles.
The Proteus has been defeated.
The Proteus is capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of damage but even they have their limits.\n\n\nSuccessful attacks: [Global: e7001_Proteus_Damaged] / [Global: e7001_Coolant_Max_Hits]