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Find a way to reach Damonta and set up a second radio repeater is a quest in Wasteland 2.


After realizing that the third radio tower (at either Highpool or the agricultural center, or rail nomads, if both were lost) is not going to happen, General Vargas sends Team Echo to find a way to Damonta and their third radio tower.



  • Return to the Ranger Citadel and enter the jail, which will now be unlocked.
  • Talk to the Jailor to release Rick.
  • Talk to Rick Baychowski. Promise him freedom, so that he places Rick's RV on the world map.
  • Go to the RV and acquire the suits from the safe. Rick won't cooperate if the Rangers kept him in custody.
  • Head to Canyon of Titan and Damonta.


  • Type "brother" during dialogue to let Red know you are aware that Ranger Rick Baychowski is his brother. The fact is revealed early on in the game in a radio message of people talking "in slavic tongue".
  • Red will give you the suits for free if you promise not to tell Danforth that Red has family among the Rangers.