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Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict is a quest in Wasteland 2.


After the train pulled by engine nine derailed, a rift formed between the Atchisons and the Topekans. The two groups of rail nomads became engaged in a bitter, drawn out war. Under Casey James, the Atchisons try to regain their honor with a campaign of terrorist bombings, targeting random Topekans. Chief Kekkabah retaliated by expelling the Atchisons and instituting a harsh policy of retaliation: Atchison troublemakers are hanged, shot, or otherwise killed to send a message.

The bitter blood feud has to be resolved in order to harness the Rail Nomads for the purpose of restoring Arizona.


  • This is a very long and very complex quest. In order to successfully negotiate reconciliation, the player has to:
    • Save Ralphy from the lake.
    • Save Jessie by disarming the bomb on the bike at the playground.
    • Kill the rail thieves and act as messenger and negotiator between the leaders of the two tribes.
    • The Golden Spike is crucial to establishing peace. When Casey becomes adamant that it should be returned, the player needs Kiss Ass 5 or Smart Ass 6 to convince him to use it as the spike driven into the rails, as a symbol. (Edit : Using both kiss ass and smart ass will prevent successfully completing this quest)
    • This will allow for convincing Kekkabah to agree to the scheme.
    • If all goes well, the two tribes should reconcile at the gate leading to the Atchison territory, ending the feud.
  • Otherwise, Kekkabah's Topekans gun down Casey and his Atchisons, ending the whole feud in blood.


If the player took Ralphy on, it becomes simpler:

  1. Save Ralphy.
  2. Disarm the bike bomb on the playground.
  3. Recruit Ralphy, bring him to Jessie, his girlfriend by the playground bike and he will leave you for a minute (a cutscene). Then recruit him again.
  4. Go to Kekkahbah and talk about peace
  5. Go to Casey and interrogate him about bombs until you get to tell him you saved his daughter (Jessie) from a bomb and when he says that he will do anything, choose peace.
  6. Return to Kekkahbah and inform him of peace deal and he accepts with no Ass requirement. (EDIT - THIS IS NOT ACCURATE - PERHAPS THE NEW DC VERSION CHANGED THINGS UP?)

Stealing the Golden Spike

  1. Steal the Golden Spike.

This is possible without killing anyone; go to the back of the Meeting Hall building and disable the generator. A Chopper that would otherwise be inside near the side entrance will come out; it will aggro if any characters are nearby the generator, move away quickly. Enter the building through the narrow path side door (gate has an alarm and trap), and go up the hallway a bit. A Chopper will be patrolling back and forth, sneak through with a lock picking character and grab the Spike. Go out the same way. It is important not to be seen inside at all, or to have previously talked to Kekkahbah, else the Rangers will be accused of stealing the Spike. If done correctly, there are no consequences.

  1. Once the Spike has been stolen, any dialogue with Kekkahbah becomes impossible.
  2. Head to the Atchison's camp, and give the Spike to Casey.
  3. Casey will mention his kidnapped daughter (Jessie) will be killed, but she will be alive, locked inside a cage in the Meeting Hall. Unlocking the cage will trigger combat.
  4. The quest will be marked resolved.


If, when talking to Casey, the player uses the hidden keyword "Both", the Kiss Ass skill is not required to end the conflict peacefully. When the player takes back Casey's offer to Kekkabah, the Chief will agree to make peace if Casey agrees to sever his arm. Casey will agree to this and the conflict will end peacefully.

It can also be suggested to Kekkabah, right after he offers the "Casey cuts his arm off too" deal.


  • Major experience rewards, Rail Nomads help transport goods.
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