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Fishlips is a recruit in Wasteland 3.


Cannibalistic leader of the Hard-Heads, a scavenger gang who specialize in dismantling large machines and factories for iron and steel, Fishlips is a brutal thug who only respects power. If you're weaker than him he'll kill you and eat you. If you're stronger than him, he'll follow you until you falter, then he'll kill you and eat you. It's always good to watch your back if Fishlips is in your party, because he's watching it too - and thinking about spare-ribs.

Fishlips wasn't always a cannibal. He had a peaceful childhood, living with his scavenger parents on the shores of Sloan Lake, until a gang called the Cannibal Cabal rolled around. The family was easy pickings and both of his parents were killed and consumed before his very eyes. Then they left him for dead, making a major mistake. Fishlips tracked them down, killed, cooked, and ate their corpses, finding out that he enjoys long pig.

That was the start of less-than-beautiful friendships, as he gathered the orphans of the wasteland under his leadership and formed the Hard Heads, a cannibal gang with exceptional technical aptitude. Since then, they roved the wastelands, paying extra attention to Union Station, their home base.


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This character is a party member.
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This character is involved in quests.

If you intend to kill the Gippers, you must tell the Hard-Heads you'll give them Denver or nobody is around to deliver oil


  • Fishlips can be recruited over at the Union Station. Unless you have the appropriate Hard Ass level, he will have to be defeated first in combat to acknowledge your superiority and surrender. He comes with a bladed melee weapon and is generally specced towards beating people up. He has an unique background: Scrapper with + 0.4X Critical damage.
  • If you got rid of the Gippers and have Kiss Ass 4 you can convince him to move to Denver. This unlocks a special ending. Note that this has to be done on the first encounter, otherwise you'll lose the ability to ask them to move. You can still recruit him from Denver by attacking him infront of the building and taking him to low HP.