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Fix Sue's mistake and save three other communities from the Ag Center plague is a quest in Wasteland 2.


After confronting Sue at the Ag Center, the player is asked to track down the three locations where Sue has inadvertently sent infected seeds to. In case Ag Center was sacrificed, Sue is dead and the quest is called Monitor radio for calls about spreading infection instead, and the ag serum will instead be found in the western part of the killing fields (outer ag center), near the Herbicide.


  • If the player agrees to help Sue, they will receive the location of three infected areas: Infected village, infected farm, and the infected pump station. The last one requires radiation suits to reach safely.
  • In order to clear the infection, the player has to place the antidote created by Kathy Lawson (after completing the quest Work with Kathy Lawson to find a cure for the Ag Center outbreak and creating the anti-fungal serum) into water towers at each of the affected locations. They are defended by mutated flies and pod people, with loot scattered throughout.
  • If the player types "Sue" to either Kathy or Matt after finding out what he's done, Sue will be fired. Later on, while investigating the infected pump station, you will find Sue's body, forfeiting the reward.