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Jakub Martin – aka Flab the Inhaler – is the most recent leader of the Monster Army.


Once a humble lieutenant in the Monster Army's days of glory, Jakub was one of the few who recognized the changing tides when the Patriarch conquered the Bizarre and executed Cyclops, the Army's leader. Rather than die, he swore himself to Buchanan's service, and was given command over the Bizarre in return. Since then, he grew fat on the prosperity of the Bizarre and earned his nickname. He isn't too annoyed by it, he takes it as proof of the right choices he made in life. After all, who can grow to be fat in the wasteland? His chosen Monster is the Dracula, a vampire. And like a vampire, he rules with a certain subtlety and ensures that any challengers to his rule die an ignoble death, shitting themselves to death. Poison is his favorite weapon.


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A Nightmare in the Bizarre

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Not lying about his girth grants a +1 to Monster Army reputation. He appreciates honesty.