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This page lists all skills in Fountain of Dreams.
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List of skills[]

  • Medic: Perform simple medical procedures, such as dressing wounds and reviving fallen comrades to consciousness. This skill does not enable you to cure diseases or neutralize poison.
  • Lockpick: One of the most useful skills, Lockpick lets you open any lock, if you're adept enough. You'll have to leave a lot of treasure behind closed doors, drawers, and lids if you aren't highly proficient in this skill.
  • Climb: Climb any surface. Simple as that.
  • Pharmacy: Identify/analyze drugs and medicines, as well as the mysterious concoctions of the Obeah Orders. Possessors of this skill can also treat victims of poison and venomous bites or stings.
  • Bomb/Alarm Disarm: Defuse tense situations, whether caused by explosive devices left carelessly strewn about or alarm systems somebody was rude enough to leave turned on.
  • Mechanic: Know how to maintain and repair Florida's few remaining mechanical relics. Without the proper tools, this skill isn't good for much.
  • Electronics: Know how to keep Florida's patched-up electronics gear humming. Again, find the right tools or forget about it.
  • Doctor: Perform complicated medical procedures, such as curing rabies and radiation sickness.
  • Gunsmith: Repair everything from antique shootin' irons to automatic weapons. Also necessary to unjam weapons.
  • Perception: Awareness of your surroundings. High Perception makes the smallest detail obvious: the locked drawer under the desk, or the crease in the wall that indicates the presence of a secret door. You'll always want someone with a high Perception score in your party unless you think poverty is ennobling.
  • Stealth: Move about silently and/or undetected.
  • Language: Speak, parlez, sprechen, and habla foreign languages and dialects.
  • Demolitions: Knowledge of explosives, how to use them and how to identify them.
  • Hand to Hand: Proficiency in unarmed combat. This skill is modified by ST and DX. If your ST and DX are both high, you'll box like a champ; if they are both low, get yourself a weapon.
  • Blades: Fighting skill with the numerous sharp and pointy objects found throughout Florida, from carving knives to machetes.
  • Handgun: Skill in the use of all handguns, automatic and otherwise.
  • Single Fire Rifle: Skill with old-fashioned single-chambered long guns. They're antiques but they're better than nothing.
  • Automatic Weapon: Skill with automatic and semi-automatic firearms other than handguns. (The ban on them has sort of lapsed.)
  • Swim: Treading water in the direction you desire. In Florida, you better be able to do this fast if you do it at all.
  • Evasion: Getting out of somebody's way in a fight.