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Gangs All Here is a quest in Wasteland 3.


You've consolidated the Plains Gangs under Cordite's leadership, and are leading them in an assault on Colorado Springs. The gangs will distract the Patriarch's forces while you move against The Dictator of Colorado.


  • This unique ending is available if you have Ironclad Cordite in your party when dealing with Liberty Buchanan at Yuma County Racetrack. Once she is out of the picture, Cordite will propose bringing Liberty's army down on Colorado Springs under your leadership. This requires you to confirm twice, and will lock you into the raider ending.
  • As you approach Colorado Springs on the world map, you're intercepted by Angela Deth, who will provide intel and reveal that the Patriarch is preparing for a siege. Next stop, Peterson Air Force Base and dealing with a civil war among the Rangers.
  • You need to seize control of the base to have the full force behind you. The strength of the sides (Patriarch patriots and Ranger rebels) is the result of their loyalty rating - revealed when talking to named characters, who will sometimes display the status of their allegiance. High allegiance means more Rangers on your side. Less and... Suffice to say, there will be many more corpses to burn by the time the day's over.
  • To secure the Ranger HQ, you need to disable the alarms in the armory, brig, and garage, then disable the master alert from the war room main computer.
    • You can skip the entire section by just leaving through the tunnel to Downtown Colorado Springs. This will preclude using the Kodiak and force you to fight the Patriarch on foot.
  • In the downtown, you are going to carve a bloody path through the Marshals. Sheriff Daisy will confront you and attack immediately, which will give a -15 loss to reputation with the Marshals (as if you care at this point). After looting their corpses and the Marshal station, head to the Market Square.
    • On the way, you'll have to defuse a situation between the Payasos and Josiah Casady. You can use Kiss Ass or Hard Ass 8 to defuse the situation, or choose the bloody options (either letting them kill the Casadys or killing the Payasos).
  • The Patriarch is holed up near the Market Square. You need to access the museum to turn off the alarm and open the blast doors. Enter it, track the power cables to a pressure plate in the southwest corner, then dispatch a party member to stand there and open a panel with a red override button. PRess it to reveal a locked door in the back room, which contains a computer that allows you to shut down the alarm and open the blast doors, allowing the Kodiak through.
  • This is the final confrontation. After insulting you, he will attack, supported by reinforcement waves and his Manifest Destiny armored car.
  • Defeating him installs you in power, and Ironclad Cordite will propose expanding into Kansas. The endings depend on how you managed the attack and whether or not you permit the gangs to pillage Colorado Springs, who you leave in power, and more.


  • Colorado belongs to the Rangers.

Raw strings[]

Gangs All Here
Lead the gangs to Colorado Springs
Find Connie Zheng and get intel on retaking RHQ
Retake control of Ranger HQ and find a way into Colorado Springs
Confront the Patriarch at his Palace
You've consildated the Plains Gangs under Cordite's leadership, and are leading them in an assult on Colorado Springs
The gangs will distract the Patriarch's forces while we move against The Dictator of Colorado.
Patriarch Loyalists have rebelled and taken control of Ranger HQ. Angie advised that Connie Zheng should be able to provide intel on retaking the base
Connie's intel has identified the key areas we need to retake. We'll need to retake the War Room to open a back path into Colorado Springs, but it is locked down by security in the Armory and the Brig. The Garage has a console we'll need to take to lower the bollards to get our vehicle into the city.
WE'll need to get past his defenses.
The Patriarch has been defeated
Connie told us we'd need to
We've retaken the Garage, and lowered the bollards.
We've cancelled the security alert in the Armory
We've cancelled the security alert in the Armory
We've retaken the War Room and cleared the way to Colorado Springs"