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The fighting's over here. From here on it'll just be patrol and bookkeeping. Boring. I like to work in an active unit, and you rangers seem to be the most active force around.

Corporal Gary "NaCl" Wolfe is a recruitable character in Temple of Titan, and a quest giver in Wasteland 3.


Wasteland 2[]

Corporal Wolfe is a freelance security expert, skilled at cracking keypad codes and safes, doubling as a ranged sniper and tactician. For a while he worked for the DBM, but now that the war with the monks is over, he's bored and looking for new challenges.

Wasteland 3[]

Wolfe participated in the war against the Cochise AI, but eventually parted ways with the Rangers over differences in approaches. Ever ruthless and pragmatic to the point of sociopathy, Gary decided to track down synths across America, tracking them down from Arizona to Colorado. After taking eleven of them out in the desert, he moved his operation to Colorado, hoping to achieve the same success there.

What he achieved is alienating the Marshals and a kill order from Sheriff Daisy should he ever appear in the city again: In tracking down October-11, he wound up shooting up downtown Colorado Springs, wounding several civilians and causing major property damage, then had the gall to tell the Sheriff herself to get out of his way. He decided to step out of the way and set up camp at Peterson Air Force Base, to try and get the Rangers to do his work for him.


Wasteland 2[]

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This character is a party member.


  • Wolfe will appear at the Temple of Titan after completing the Titan quest arc in favor of the Diamondbacks.
  • Recruiting him requires a total of 25 Charisma (all party members included).
  • Wolfe has a whopping 70% rogue chance. This means that even with a ranger at Rank 10 Leadership Wolfe will still have a 20% chance to ignore orders on his turn.
  • Wolfe has Master Thief as a Perk, without meeting the prerequisites.
  • In the Director's cut version of the game, there is a persistent bug (still unpatched as of 2021), resulting in Wolfe not spawning unless you first decline the offer of Sadler to work with the DBM at the DBM HQ, but still send the Silo 7 nuke to the DBM depot for Wolfe to appear. There is no known workaround, but it is possible to add him by editing the save files, immediately dismiss him, and then talk to him; by doing so, conversation will be initiated as if you've never met before.

Wasteland 3[]

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This character is involved in quests.

Wolfe's Hunt

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This character has other interactions.

If you never purchased the cyborg tech control unit from Vivisecto, RN, Gary will also provide the Combat Shooting skill (+5% Critical Chance per point) to a single character upon completion of the hunt (a skill book, the Dick Markowitz's STEALTH SQUAD).


  • Wolfe's Hunt: Gary asks Team November to deliver him the head of a synth hiding in Downtown Colorado Springs. Old habits never die. If you don't kill synths for him, Gary will be seen again at the Yuma County Speedway (even if you killed him at Ranger HQ), now working for the Scar Collectors. You can use Kiss Ass 9 to try and defuse the situation or just attack.