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Genach shrine is one of the mysterious shrines erected to commemorate backers.

Location[ | ]

Behind the south-western radiation wall. See the map for details.

Will not appear until the player repairs the GPS terminal at Playa del Rey with Mechanical Repair or the Display Screen.

"A statue stands askew before you, half-buried in the sand by the calamitous force that deposited ships onto this beach. Though some of the statue's finer details have been worn away by exposure, the two men depicted are impeccably dressed, and their dazzling smiles seem unfazed by the apocalypse."

Layout[ | ]

A large shrine with a statue (+1 skill point) and a beached submarine, which contains a computer detailing it story.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • 1200 experience from reading all the computer terminal entries.
  • Luminox watch (on the dead man outside the submarine)
  • Unrequited Love (ditto)