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I am General-3, in command of this installation. My predecessors were given control of the facility at the beginning of the hostilities that brought about the destruction of the world order. I carry on their traditions - much as you attempt to carry on yours.

General 3 is a character in Wasteland 3.


The leader of the FADER collective, the third derived from the initial soldier stock stationed at Cheyenne. The General is genetically modified to focus on rebuilding the United States using people who can survive and adapt to the new world, with his focus on strategy, tactics, supply, and leadership. He considers himself to be a duly appointed and sworn-in officer of the United States, and thus - theoretically - a superior of the Rangers.

The General has a poor opinion of both the Patriarch and Colorado, believing Colorado is dying amidst weak and fractious factions. For him, the FADER method of operation, cultivated over a hundred years of research and innovation, is superior.


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This character has other interactions.
  • The Rangers would be able to deal with the General as part of resolving the FADER debacle at Cheyenne Mountain.