Surgrue is a mentioned-only character in Wasteland 2 and the former leader of the Desert Rangers. He also appears in two of the Wasteland 2 novellas.


Surgrue was the general of Desert Rangers before Snake Vargas, a position which he held as of 2087. He was a veteran and used to take heavy painkillers for his wounds, which often left him inebriated.

When a Ranger team led by Vargas was dealing with the robot menace of Base Cochise, Ranger Center was attacked by androids of Project Darwin. Though the Ranger Center was saved, many Rangers died.

After destroying Base Cochise, Vargas suggested to Surgue that they should move their headquarters to Guardian Citadel as it was more defensible. He and other Rangers however rejected the suggestion.

Surgue soon retired and the new general Vargas decided to move their headquarters shortly after. He died sometime before Team Echo was assigned the job to locate the mystery signal threatening the Rangers in 2102 and was buried outside the Ranger Citadel.


Surgrue appears in Novella: The Earth Transformed and Novella: Death Machines, retellings of the events of the original Wasteland.

In Wasteland 2, he is mentioned in "Memories of My Time in the Rangers". His grave also exists outside Ranger Citadel and it simply reads "General Surgrue".

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