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Get back Manny's stolen chips is a quest in Wasteland 2.


Manny Wong has recently lost a briefcase full of poker chips to a guy named Chris. He asks the Rangers to get them back.


  1. Travel to Los Feliz.
  2. Chris is hiding out at the Pilgrim's Rest inn. Confronting him (Liar and Bastard options) will result in him explaining that Manny runs a crooked deal.
  3. At this point, the player can choose to let Chris keep his chips, force him to hand them over, or listen to Chris reveal a secret in return for keeping the chips (or take the secret and take his chips regardless). They can also accept a briefcase full of fake chips to cash in at the casino.
  4. If the Rangers learn that Grauman has been blackmailing his employer, they can recover the evidence from a safe in the courtyard next to the casino. Bringing them to Manny will give a nice bonus.


  • 250 scrap for returning the chips to Manny Wong.
  • 300 scrap for giving the blackmail evidence to Manny.
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