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Gett Family Homestead is a location in Wasteland 3.


An isolated family homestead. It's eerily quiet.

Points of interest[]

  • The entrance to the homestead is straightforward, though not without challenges. Four razorbacks are busy strolling around, and they are quite the prickly customers. You can repair the generator with Mechanics 6 to open the door leading into a small storage area with a grenade box. Up the stairs is the homestead proper, with lots and lots of dead bodies. The first platform has a container behind a level 5 explosive trap and a locked hut that can be opened with Picklock 7. Inside, open the safe (same requirement) to collect the Spitfire and inspect the body. Bad news for Randy.
  • The next platform has a good six razorbacks who are very unhappy to see you. Wipe them out. Access the hut to find Nita Gett, devouring a dead body. More bad news for Randy.


Notable loot[]

  • Spitfire: In the safe on the first platform.