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Ghost Book 2 – Death Machines is a third novella published by inXile Entertainment during the development of Wasteland 2. written by Michael Stackpole and Nathan Long, it is given out to those who bought Digital Deluxe edition of the game. It is the second part of a story that establishes canon events that occured before Wasteland 2 and provides additional lore to reframe the events of the previous game.


Even A Ghost Can Die

Deep within an ancient bunker, the Desert Rangers uncover the secret to defeating Base Cochise AI, the crazed computer responsible for spawning the killer robots terrorizing the Arizona wastes. But the secret is hidden under the mountain, and protected by a cult known as Guardians of the Old Order, who hate everything that rangers stand for.

As the Rangers fight the Guardians, Ghost, the clone of a clone of a ranger, fights battle of his own. Should he continue to help the friends of the man he used to be? Should he sacrifice himself to save humanity? Why bother, when the only person who treats him with any humanity at all might not be entirely human herself?