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Ghost Town is a location in Wasteland 3.


The skeletal remains of an abandoned exurb.

Points of interest[]

  • A small location that's divided into two arenas with a single ruined building separating them. The first area is where you enter and have to fight through a squad of mercs, before meeting Kym Hie and her sister, Yoon. The second arena is where Moss Cogan, the loan shark on their trail, waits.

Notable loot[]

  • Extended Choke locked behind lockpick 8 safe in the second area.
  • In the second area both weapon crate near snowed car and lockpick 8 safe has a guaranteed drop of one randomly generated tier 13 to 17 weapon. It is also possible to drop Purifier as the only tier 19 weapon.
  • In the first area there is a digsite, requiring high perception to find (8 is enough), which has a guaranteed drop of one tier 2 weapon mod.