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Ghost garage is a location in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


This buried underground garage was part of Pueblo, Colorado. Now it has been repurposed as the headquarters of a guerrilla movement fighting Markham's control of Steeltown.

Points of interest

  • This is primarily a large battle arena, where you square off against the Ghost Gang and Blue. You can avoid hostilities by taking the side route (Lockpick 8 and Explosives 8 required), reaching a back tunnel that also contains Secret Head. This puts you in a much better position to talk with Blue (see Steeltown Blues).
  • The other places of note are Blue's workroom in the back (where you can obtain the synaptic degausser and meet Handcraft), grab loot and investigate Blue's terminal:
    • The computer's data is as 'organized' as the desk. A document detailing surveyed Scrapyard locations segues into a treatise on well digging, then an audio clip of Blue dictating notes. You'll need to hunt around to find anything in particular.
      • Steeltown: A journal entry begins, 'This was the place we were going to bring back the good old days industry! The best and brightest building a better tomorrow! Unfortunately, Abby decided to bring back the bad old days of industry instead. Expediency over safety, profit over sustainability. Looks like it'll be up to the Ghosts to do it right.'
      • Markham: You find an unfinished letter. 'Abby, what happened? I know you still have passion for the dream, but it used to be a dream for everyone, for raising up the workers at the same time we raised up the factory. Now it seems like the dream is only for you. Can we talk sometime? I'd...' The letter stops here.
      • Di: Blue has added a text note to a diagram of Di. 'D1 Disassembly Robot, adaptive neural net, self-governing protocol matrices, full analysis suite. A top-of-the-line assistant engineer built from the best old world tech - otherwise known as Di.' "'Of course, now that Abby's changed her primary directives, 'Di' is more like 'Spy.'
      • Computation engine: The Computation Engine is the best guesser ever made by the hands of man. A tool to narrow the infinite to the plausible, the plausible to the likely, and the likely to the desired. A boon to any industrialist wanting to predict supply and demand. It is also a hellish eternal workhouse prison for inorganic minds, and the hill upon which Abby abandoned the last of her humanity. There was a right way to do it. We could have built a neural network from scratch, but that would have taken patience, and Abby had run out. When Di suggested we chain together some synths as a shortcut, Abby gave her the go ahead. That's when I jumped ship - and took the Synaptic Degausser with me. I wasn't going to be party to the enslavement of thinking beings. Or the destruction of their minds.
      • Synths: Won't be long before Abby figures out that those AZ synths have the right neural architecture to interface with the C.E., and with what she's become, how the hell do I convince her that imprisoning them in it is slavery? She barely considers the human needs and basic dignity of the people working for her. How the heck am I gonna convince her that forcing the Synths to do labor is slavery is wrong, when she won't even recognize that are free-thinking life forms? I gotta get out of here with the degausser before she makes the connection. Maybe that'll help her realize the path she's on.
      • Synaptic degausser: A digital blueprint of the synaptic degausser opens. A text note is attached: 'More evocatively named than technically-accurate. Sure, it blanks synthetic synapses, and it has a magnet, but it's a little more involved than 'wave and wipe. Which is good. Because if Abby could replicate it, she'd wipe the personalities of those synths in a heartbeat, killing the people they have become so she could get her precious efficiency back. Not going to let that happen. Got to figure out a way to free them instead.
  • The eastern hall contains a lot of assembly tools and the break room. You can interact with the break room computer and use Nerd Stuff 7 to find a program called FUCKRAVI.exe. The other computer, near the suspended engine block, allows you to use Nerd Stuff 8 to manipulate the fusion turret's AI targeting routines.


Notable loot

  • 20 Tellurium steel, Blue's log, lots of assorted loot: In the container in Blue's workshop.
  • Recipe for the elite grounded suit: On Blue's terminal.
  • Cryo and pyro exo helmet: In the armor crate in the eastern hall.
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